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I’d like to welcome you to my website – thanks so much for coming!  My website has information about me and my books as well as provides updates about my upcoming books and events you might find interesting.

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my new YA novel, LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL, which features fifteen-year-old Katya Holberg.  For those of you who are familiar with my Kate Stanton Mystery Series, you know that its feisty main character, Kate Stanton, started off life as Katya Holberg, a war child whose early years were fraught with danger and unbelievable hardships, all because of who her father was.  It was only after receiving countless emails from you, asking if I was ever planning on writing a book that focused on young Katya and her life in post-war Europe, that I became intrigued with the idea.  I toyed with different plot lines, discarding them as quickly as they came to mind because nothing seemed to work – until quite by fluke, I watched an amazing aerial strap performance by two Vegas performers one night and that gave me the idea for the storyline:  as kids, we often fantasize about running away to join the circus but very few of us ever think of escaping to one in order to stay alive.  Combining the survival instincts made famous in THE HUNGER GAMES with the intensity in THE BOOK THIEF, LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL is a tightrope of horrors that will make anyone think twice about running away to join the circus.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot for now.  I will say this, however.  The Lebensborn program referred to in LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL was developed by the Nazis during the Second World War and was real; the stigma of hate these children had to endure in post-war Europe was also sadly, very real.

As you all may have already guessed by now, Katya Holberg a.k.a. Kate Stanton is a special character; one I’m especially fond on, which is why I’ve developed the Kate Stanton Mystery Series around her.  My next book in the Kate Stanton Mystery Series, THE CROSSING AT BLAISDELL PARK, will be available in January, 2015 but for now, I invite you to read LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL, an unexpected detour in young Kate’s life…

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 Last Stop Klindenspiel by Marta Tandori


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