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Last Stop Klindenspiel by Marta Tandori

My recently-published YA Holocaust mystery, LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL, features fifteen-year-old Katya Holberg, the heroine of my Kate Stanton Mystery Series.  For those of you who are familiar with my mystery series, you know that its feisty main character, Kate Stanton, started off life as Katya Holberg, a war child whose early years were fraught with danger and unbelievable hardships, all because of who her father was.  Combining the survival instincts made famous in THE HUNGER GAMES with the intensity in THE BOOK THIEF, LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL is a tightrope of horrors that will make anyone think twice about running away to join the circus.  If you haven’t read it yet, I urge you to do so – I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

My next book in the Kate Stanton Mystery Series, THE CROSSING AT BLAISDELL PARK, will be available in late March, 2015.  Be on the lookout for it!  Kate is neck deep in a new mystery which involves her husband’s billion dollar blockbuster movie as well as the ghost of a civil war heroine.  Here’s a bit more about the new book:

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Coming late March 2015

Coming late March 2015

The huge success of the year’s blockbuster civil war epic, The Crossing at Blaisdell Park, has brought a resurgence of interest in the former sixties musical duo, the Paisleys, and its only surviving member, Kate Stanton, who had recorded an interactive version of the duo’s first hit single for the movie.  With an initial worldwide gross of just under a billion dollars and a 3-D version of the movie in the works, it looks like the The Crossing – as it’s been dubbed by the press – is going to go down in history as one of Hollywood’s most successful films – until tragedy strikes, that is.  Just as Kate is about to unveil the Paisleys’ long-awaited star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a runaway truck jumps the curb a few feet from where everyone is gathered, killing a woman dressed as Charlotte Valcour, the heroine in The Crossing.  The tragedy precedes a series of disastrous events which plague the 3-D shoot, fueled by persistent rumors that it’s being haunted by the ghost of the movie’s dead heroine, Charlotte.  Things aren’t helped by all the negative press and become even more complicated when the director of the movie suddenly disappears, forcing production to a grinding halt.  Kate soon realizes that Charlotte’s ghost may not be the only thing they need to contend with as she and her husband, Paul, find themselves dodging bullets and a killer intent on preventing them from uncovering the truth behind The Crossing at Blaisdell Park.

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